Pro Clean Premium Instant Gasket

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Pro Clean Premium Instant Gasket - 50ml

The Pro Clean Instant Gasket forms an in-situ replacement for traditional felt, paper, cork & rubber gaskets. Pro Clean Instant Gasket is flexible and unaffected by vibration, is resistant to water and transmission fluid and low pressure (6 bar) resists up too (350 bar) making it ideal for use on gearbox, pumps, housings, bearing gaps, sump assemblies, crank cases, transmissions etc. Pro Clean Instant Gasket has a rapid cure speed of 15-30 minutes.

Pro Clean is one of the leading brands in cleaning and maintenance products for both on and off road motorcycle riders for over 15 years. Pro Clean has been the number one choice for professional and amateur competitors in all forms of Motorsports and continues to be the number one choice.

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