Mitas Extreme Enduro tyres

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Enduro competition tires

Your go-to tire for enduro end extreme enduro racing. Choose the iconic Mitas tire marking for your ideal combination of wear, performance and traction.

Tire markings for enduro competition tires:

  • Yellow stripe (Super) – Tire made from a softer compound for Enduro FIM and cross country competitions. Since in these races types of surfaces are alternating from soft to hard, a medium hard compound is used to deliver performance on different surfaces.
  • Green stripe (Super Light) – Tire with a softer carcass and soft tread compound for extreme enduro or cross country competitions on harder terrains. The tread compound is softer than the yellow-stripe (Super) version and designed for harder terrain.
  • Double green stripe (Super Soft) – Tire with a softer carcass and extra soft tread compound for rocky terrain and most demanding extreme enduro competitions.
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